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The treatment of seeds with accelerated electrons is a modern, environmentally friendly method that works without any chemical ingredients. Pathogens are effectively and completely destroyed without harming the endosperm and the embryo in the seed.

The electron treatment works against all pathogens that are in and on the seed shell. This means that not only seed-borne pathogens are destroyed, but lasting protection is also achieved by interrupting the chain of infection by eliminating harmful microorganisms such as bacteria (for example: pseudomonas) and viruses.

Among the seed products that electron beam can treat are:
How the electron treatment works on seeds.

The electron treatment of seeds is based on the biocidal effect of low-energy electrons. A splitting of molecular chains in microorganisms guarantees the complete destruction of these pathogens, irrespective of their nature. The method is effective against various fungal spores, bacteria and viruses, as proved in numerous laboratory and practical tests. At the same time, the purely physical action of the method rules out the possibility of the formation of resistant pathogens, which is not the case with chemical-systemic active agents.

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Advantages for users, producers and the environment

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